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About Us

Who I am

I have enjoyed working with wood all my life. Originally, there were much larger projects such as home remodels. As the years past I started to look for a smaller type of woodworking projects. I have always liked custom, handmade one of a kind pens so I naturally investigated this craft.

I found that the fine detail work of pen making and the endless varieties of materials were fascinating to work with. Each pen is truly a unique one of a kind item. I work in equal parts with wood and acrylics to make my pens. Each has their own beauty and quality that is unique.

The inventory status for each pen is always only one. That is because each one is uniquely made and truly one of a kind. All our materials including rare wood types come from legal sustainable forests. If you need more info, please read the FAQ questions page or e-mail me with any questions on our contact page.

I also have an online presence on Etsy if you prefer to shop there.

Why do I find pens fascinating?

The pen is an extension of the person. As glasses are to vision, pens are to the spirit. The physical activity of writing is more authentic and impassioned when it is carried out with a finely crafted writing instrument. The sound of the nib caressing the paper along with the indescribable smell of the ink can never be replaced by the cold keyboard. Nietzsche believed  ‘One must also be able to dance with the pen.‘ In order to dance, one must first be in possession of the perfect pen.

 Ballpoints and cheap disposable pens are all right for writing a shopping list but they have no longevity and certainly no sophistication. An exquisitely crafted pen is timeless. A pen is a gift which will be treasured forever.


They encourage writing

I don’t care who you are, as soon as you pick up a fountain pen you want to get writing! If you are gifting a fountain pen, you are giving them something they will want to write with. They’ll be wowed by how different this enhanced writing experience is. And with writing comes so many possibilities!

Fran St. Germain