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Sketch Pencil, Handmade 3mm Mechanical Pencil in 24k Gold and Leopardwood
Sketch Pencil, Handmade 3mm Mechanical Pencil in 24k Gold and Leopardwood
Sketch Pencil, Handmade 3mm Mechanical Pencil in 24k Gold and Leopardwood
Sketch Pencil, Handmade 3mm Mechanical Pencil in 24k Gold and Leopardwood

Sketch Pencil, Handmade 3mm Mechanical Pencil in 24k Gold and Leopardwood

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Sketch Pencil, Handmade, 3mm Mechanical Pencil,24k Gold and Leopardwood
Enjoy the convenience and durability of this handcrafted, compact, heavy duty custom pencil at home, shop, studio or work. The mechanical pencil features an unbreakable 3mm lead, a precision collet mechanism, built-in sharpener and an attractive clip. Pencil includes a 90 mm length of 3mm lead installed and an extra pack of 3 leads. This Mechanical Sketch Pencil was individually handcrafted through a long process and is one of a kind. The leopardwood has been turned, sanded and coated with 10 layers of finish and polished to a satin shine that is extremely beautiful and durable. Mechanical Pencil ships with instructions for use in a hard clear topped case for protection or gift giving.

Mechanical Pencils 24k Plating
The 24k gold fittings offer a bright pure gold plating that will give your pen a rich and luxurious look. Our 24k gold uses a "premium rack plating" process and is covered with an epoxy coating for extreme durability.

Sketch Pencils Leopardwood
Leopardwood grows in carefully managed forests in Brazil. The tree is a magnificent specimen, growing nearly 100 feet tall with trunks as large as 48 inches in diameter. While it’s gorgeous to look at on the outside, once it is cut into, the real beauty starts to show through. The wood is a reddish-brown with a coarse, straight grain. But, that’s not where the beauty ends. As with white oak, leopard wood has rays in the grain. Unlike white oak, these rays are numerous and closely packed, giving the wood a lace like appearance similar to quarter sawn sycamore.

Handmade Sketch Pencil Features and Specs

  • Lead Pencil Type – 3mm Click Pencil
  • Pencil Type Operation – Click Top
  • Fittings – 24k Gold
  • Material – Wood – Leopardwood
  • Color – Browns and Creams
  • Pencil Length – 4-1/4 in
  • Width (measured at point of finger contact) - .510 in
  • Weight – 0.9 oz
  • Lead Type – 3mm
  • Includes – Extra 3 pack of lead
  • Includes case shown in photo for display or gifting
  • Replacing Lead – press the plunger and hold down. The jaws holding the lead will release the lead. Slide a new lead stick through the open jaws to the desired extension

Additional Information on Handcrafted Mechanical Pencils
All of my Mechanical Pencils are handcrafted on a lathe in my shop
Each picture of a pencil is the actual pencil that you will receive
All Mechanical Pencils will ship within 24 - 48 hours
Each Mechanical Pencil is unique; no two will ever be alike since they are handcrafted works of art.
All of our wood products are purchased through legally licensed providers that provide exotic woods from sustainable forest product areas.

Mechanical Pencils Crafting Process
The Sketch Pencil is constructed first by hand selecting each piece and then cutting, drilling and turning the pen to its final shape on a lathe. The Mechanical Pencil is then sanded 7 times with progressively finer grits (150, 220, 320, 400, 600, and 800) of sandpaper, to achieve a very smooth surface and a diameter tolerance of .001 - .002 in, for a smooth transition with the metal parts. Wood pencils then have 10 coats of finish applied and the Mechanical Pencils is sanded again 9 times with sandpaper to 12,000 grits to a high shine or satin finish. Acrylic and Tru-Stone pens are sanded 9 times with sandpaper to 12,000 grits for a high shine and then a polish is added.

All of my Mechanical Sketch Pencils and Mechanical Pencils use standard sizes of leads. They are all readily available at local Office and Art stores as well as on-line.

Materials: 24k Gold, Leopard Wood, metal, wood.